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Let's be honest, sometimes 140 amps just isn't enough to cover all the bells and whistles you are looking to put onto your vehicle. CVF is a proud partner with Mechman to provide this internally regulated 300 AMP Black Plated Alternator to our CVF Customers. These alternators use state of the art technology to provide high amps at a low temperature with twin cooling fans and two rectifier plates. Combine those great qualities with a compact case and a precision balanced low mass rotor that operates safely at over 20,000 RPM and you have one great alternator!


**These alternators are not covered by CVF's Lifetime Warranty. All purchases of Mechman alternators from CVF Racing are eligible for Mechman's 2 year Limited Warranty**


Note: These alternators require the use of a special alternator pulley from CVF. Please use part number S-SBC1ALT-MM for serpentine applications. If you purchase this alternator as part of a kit such as an All Inclusive Wraptor, the correct alternator pulley will be sent. 


Will not work for V-Belt Applications. 


Mechman 1 Wire High Amperage Alternator, 300 Amp, Black Plated