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Billet Aluminum Chevy / Ford Saginaw Power Steering Pulley - V-Belt

V-Belt power steering pump pulley with deep offset. Fits 5/8" Key-way shaft on Saginaw Pump. Use this pulley with Chevy 350 power steering bracket and short water pump pulleys.

Made in the USA

Material: 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Diameter: 5.8" Overall Length: 1.85"

Offset: 1.53" (From Front of Pulley to Center of V-groove)

Offset: 0.780" (From Mounting Surface of Pulley to Center of V-groove)

Grooves: 1 Shaft Diameter: 5/8" Key-way

Saginaw Power Steering Pulley - Keyed Extra Deep Offset